Management systems

We develop software that allows the user to manage documents, technical drawings, processes and projects.

The advanced enterprise data management system is our flag project. It is also a versatile platform for implementation of specialized functional and business modules tailored to individual customer’s requirements. So far, this is the most advanced project of TECTOCOM, which is used by more than 6,5 thousands users of PERI capital group. The system was implemented in 27 countries, whereas the specialized marketing analysis model is applied in more than 80 countries. As far as the database layer, application layer and user interface are concerned, the system is entirely based on the latest Microsoft solutions. The selection of a proper professional technological platform guarantees the stability of the solution and enables permanent technological development. Our system supports the exchange of information with existing systems used in customer’s company, such as SAP, and integrates with CAD and office desktop applications through interface. The entire infrastructure of the system is supported by a group of server applications (services) developed by us, which allows to meet complex requirements for the system.