Development process

We implement all our technological solutions with the use of defined processes.

We organize our activities into development processes to deliver the highest quality of software and the final product. Many years of experience allowed us to develop the most effective stages and operations. Nevertheless, we remain flexible and open to various kinds of improvements in that matter. We rely on the knowledge of audit firms which support our development. Therefore, our operations are always up-to-date and effective. Before a project is implemented, we perform an analysis of individual customer’s requirements and determine the technological stages or cycles. We take advantage of available methodologies organizing our operations into iterations. We remain in contact with the customer during the whole process, so the progress of work and its result can be verified on an ongoing basis. In our actions we respect the variety of technological phases including designing, implementation or tests and quality control. Specialized teams tightly cooperate with each other, constantly paying attention to the entire process. However, in delegated functions and responsibilities they remain autonomous. The processes are supported by Team Foundation Server – a specialized platform for software development – whereas respective elements of the process – by dedicated, professional and reliable IT tools.